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With advancement in technology, joint replacement surgeries have emerged as extremely safe and reliable when performed under expert care. Our surgeons have years of experience and regularly update their skill set. Our specialized operation theaters are equipped with state of the art technology and latest medical equipment to provide best care to our patients.

Our facility is equipped with state of the art technology including spinal surgery and 3-D C-arm. Our expert doctors use the most advanced Mazor robotics system for advanced spine surgeries yielding highest degree of accuracy and precision while preserving underlying neurovascular structures.

Sports injuries can be detrimental to a player’s entire tenure and should be taken care keeping in mind return to play. Our expert doctors treat full range of athletic injuries in children and adults. A whole lot of surgeries can be done as minimally invasive procedures thus rendering reducing blood loss, smaller incisions and quicker recovery time.

The orthopedic problems in children need special care since the treatment should focus on them to have a normal active childhood and growing up as healthy adults. Our doctors have years of experience and extensive training to manage conditions ranging from congenital conditions present at birth to conditions affecting teenagers e.g. hip dysplasia.

Pain affects almost everybody at least once in their life. Unfortunately, pain can sometimes be intense enough to affect quality of life and even making the patients disabled. Our expert doctors use multifaceted approach aiming not only at symptomatic relief but also to treat underlying cause of pain.

Our expert doctors use a multidisciplinary approach in treatment of arthritis including latest medications (including biologic response modifiers), viscosupplementation, steroid injections, physical/occupational therapy which all work synergistically to help control pain and prevent permanent damage to the joint.

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NOSH has a dedicated international patients service team which takes care of all healthcare related needs of patients and other requirements of their companions accompanying them. International patients are pre-screened for existing medical conditions and are suggested courses of treatment, along with cost estimates.

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