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Yes, brands rule the day, but STRONG BRANDS with distinction, authenticity, and a brand promise will rule the future. CREATIVE INC. is a brand building and brand management organisation. We believe that a brand is the sum total of your customer's experiences.


The need to express and reach is big. What gives the answer is mass media. Above the line advertising & media plans comprise newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and of course, the Internet. The primary objective: inform, educate and involve the largest possible audience.


Print Media is the preferred choice of marketers. Real effectiveness lies in through the line advertising combining ATL & BTL. CREATIVE INC integrates marketing strategy with innovations to make print media indispensible.


Internet is a versatile medium and hence stands apart with its ability to reach out to a vast audience at one go. Be it an online identity, multimedia or social media marketing, our creative ideas make sure that you brand gets the ripples.


CREATIVE INC. offers imaginative, successful environments for the right brand projection. Be it a result driven corporate event or an exhibition pavilion design that can get you maximum footfalls, it is our brand focus and expertise that makes the difference.


CREATIVE INC. gives you the flair to present your side of the story in a manner that not only addresses, but interests the audiences. Shoot, animation or flash, whatever you demand, our wide experience in TVCs, AVs, Corporate films and documentaries creates winning products.

Online Media

E Strategy

Get the right stickiness!
Online technology has unlocked a whole new communications age Ė the web, e-commerce and multimedia are already essential marketing weapons for the ambitious business. This has given a whole new dimension to the role of an advertising agency. Not only should companies simply have a website, they should make sure it is a credible one and performs for them. This of course not only means the design has to be extremely accessible, intuitive interface, easy to navigate through, impactful (online users make up their minds at the blink of an eye), but also the information has to be up-to-date. As an advertising agency, we understand the significance of using online as a strong medium to reach out. The art of managing the online presence is packaged as a strategy offering at CREATIVE INC.


Website Design and Development


An interactive website is what your company deserves. Your website is not a simple memorandum, but the face of your corporate identity. Your proposed customer gets the flavour of your company through your website. So it should not only be informative, but interactive as well. As an advertising and branding agency that specialises in interactive design and marketing, we help you realise the full potential of this medium, and maximise your web presence. We build scalable solutions to suit your requirements Ė from static html sites to flash dynamic-content sites to fully content managed user-friendly portals.


Flash presentation

With an upsurge in the field of animation and multimedia interactivity, Flash presentations are compelling business communication tools. All Flash presentations include multimedia options such as voice over, music, embedded video clips, and interactivity options such as play controls, status bar, volume control, hyperlinks, menu-based non-linear navigation, and other custom functionality.

Keeping abreast with the latest technologies used by advertising agencies across the world, we offer various Flash presentations services. These presentations may be navigation friendly or even auto run. The durations delivered are as short as 30 sec to as long as 30 minutes.


Interactive Presentations


An interactive multimedia presentation can talk to your customers even when you are not present. Interactivity is the tool to effective communication. Use of graphics, sound, voice over, animation together creates an effect which has the capacity to bind your customers. CREATIVE INC., an integrated advertising agency, assists you in every aspect of creating a relationship with your customers with a high innovation and interaction level of the presentations.


2-D Animation


A mixture of frame-to-frame storyboard, character designing, background setting, cell animation and design of each scene gives a perfect 2-D animation. We give you this perfect animation with our team of visual artists, designers, illustrators and developers. Now you donít have to think twice to develop cute and impactful viral campaigns. Avail the CREATIVE INC. advantage.


3-D animation


Preparing corporate films, walkthroughs, models, layout, animation and rendering, CREATIVE INC. as an advertising agency performs all the tasks related to 3-D animation. The 3-D modelling gives a clear idea about the final product. We excel in architecture 3-D Modelling, 3-D Rendering exterior, 3D Rendering Interior, 3-D floor plan, 3-D Industrial Modeling, 3-D Facade and architectural 3-D exhibition pavilions.




Communicating with large number of people is not a problem now. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, you need to communicate effectively with your customer base and subscribers. E-mailers solve your problem of mailing to each person individually. Multi-threading is a significant feature of e-mailer. CREATIVE INC. plays the role of a marketing communications agency with finesse and enables you to establish a relationship with your target group.




E-zines or the electronic magazines are the periodicals distributed over e-mails. These online newsletters build up a long-lasting relationships with your customers. Either design your own e-zine or place your advertisement in some e-zine. Work with CREATIVE INC. and employ the expertise of an integrated advertising and marketing communications agency to design your e-zine, making your product more and more readable with every issue. So donít lag behind, join the internet age and increase your visibility manifold.




CREATIVE INC. helps you develop the 3-D architectural walkthroughs. The virtual tour of the construction prior to the actual development helps to understand the holistic view of the final architecture. Being an advertising agency, our highly skilled pool of experienced designers help you visualise and create whatís on your mind beforehand. Handling various clients has made us more and more prone to the latest technologies, which makes our job tech-friendly and yours lot easier.




Developing out-of-the-box wallpapers with innovation, creativity and originality is our work field. We develop wallpapers for your professional requirements to match your workplace environment. More of creativity and the less of words is what we promise.


Fresh or experienced, creative or tactical, writer or a glib talker.
whatever maybe your profile, if you are good, we've got a job for you!

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