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Yes, brands rule the day, but STRONG BRANDS with distinction, authenticity, and a brand promise will rule the future. CREATIVE INC. is a brand building and brand management organisation. We believe that a brand is the sum total of your customer's experiences.


The need to express and reach is big. What gives the answer is mass media. Above the line advertising & media plans comprise newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and of course, the Internet. The primary objective: inform, educate and involve the largest possible audience.


Print Media is the preferred choice of marketers. Real effectiveness lies in through the line advertising combining ATL & BTL. CREATIVE INC integrates marketing strategy with innovations to make print media indispensible.


Internet is a versatile medium and hence stands apart with its ability to reach out to a vast audience at one go. Be it an online identity, multimedia or social media marketing, our creative ideas make sure that you brand gets the ripples.


CREATIVE INC. offers imaginative, successful environments for the right brand projection. Be it a result driven corporate event or an exhibition pavilion design that can get you maximum footfalls, it is our brand focus and expertise that makes the difference.


CREATIVE INC. gives you the flair to present your side of the story in a manner that not only addresses, but interests the audiences. Shoot, animation or flash, whatever you demand, our wide experience in TVCs, AVs, Corporate films and documentaries creates winning products.

When They Say

In today’s, complex communicative environment it really takes that extra edge to figure out what exactly the person on the other side wants. And in the case of advertising and branding agencies, it is all the more adverse. In this field, though you can beg to differ from your client’s vision of a brief, but you cannot go wrong on the understanding of the brief and his requirements. Either you have to read between the lines (mind you, sometimes the briefs passed on are truly misleading and DIYs) or you really have to be smart enough to know what is expected out of your services. Over the years, agencies across the globe have faltered on their turnaround times only because of the lack of clarity in understanding a brief. And that is probably why the smartest guys of the agencies (client servicing) are bestowed, rather I should say ‘honoured’ (hope you read between the lines) with the most impossible of accounts.


That must have left you with an impression of me being hostile towards clients. But believe me, I am not the only one, probably agencies across the world would vouch for it. Thinking like the client, is definitely the trick of the trade, and I am sure we all do that quite well because that’s what has made us what we are today. But, if you ever get the opportunity to visit an agency, and rather spend some time with them (please go ahead for it… and you will be surprised to know how clients’ are really interpreted as), I’m sure you would get a feel of what I am trying to convey through this monologue.


The other day, while preparing this heavy-duty concept note of an AV for a multinational, I just happened to overhear my colleague frantically trying to convince his client over the colour used for a particular layout (Man… what do you have to say about an orange and pink colour combination). Well sounds impossible right… for me too, but how do think should he convince his client? That’s just one experience. The situation seems to be the same within the industry.


In an attempt to understand this rift between clients and agencies, I made a humble attempt at surveying. Thanks to my colleagues and some of my industry friends. By and large, this is what I got after the survey.


Client’s Comment

The design is brilliant… but change the image and the colour and also give me a font option.


Agency’s Interpretation

What's left Dude...?


Client’s Comment

I don’t have budget for this job.


Agency’s Interpretation

Please do me a favour...


Client’s Comment

Can I speak to your Creative Director?


Agency’s Interpretation

I don’t want to rack my brains with you CS guys.


Client’s Comment

Let’s meet up to discuss about the design...


Agency’s Interpretation

Well he too wishes to bring the artist within him alive.


Client’s Comment

'......' this is the creative brief


Agency’s Interpretation

Figure it out yourself, even he knows this much...


Client’s Comment

The copy is fine but requires little tweaking...


Agency’s Interpretation

What have YOU written!!... Rewrite


Client’s Comment

Forwarded the payment to the Accounts Dept


Agency’s Interpretation

Chill... Your payments not happening any sooner...


Client’s Comment

Can I see some colour options...?


Agency’s Interpretation

Please let us know your favourite colour...


Client’s Comment

I have a very stringent deadline... Need it ASAP


Agency’s Interpretation

Guys, we are working this Sunday...


Client’s Comment

I like the designs... I will get back to you


Agency’s Interpretation

I am confused, need to discuss with colleagues on how to change the design...

However, such is not the case for every client. Exceptions do exist (lucky you… actually me too). But even if your clients’ are difficult, then what are we here for… After all agencies are here to make all impossible - POSSIBLE!!!


(contributed by copydesk)

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