8 Trends That Will Redefine Marketing In 2019

(An abstract from a recent article I read on Forbes that will change the course of digital marketing across the world)

Building brand awareness and successfully interacting with customers is a crucial part of doing business today. Customers enjoy and expect a personalized experience, and delivering just that will set us apart from our competition.

1. A Bigger Role For AI In Personalization And Automation

We are all watching the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing and how it affects our clients’ relationships with consumers. In the near future, we will see AI play an even bigger role for brands as they look to personalize and automate digital and traditional communications.

2. Growth In Content Marketing

Content marketing will always have a strong impact because of the exposure and backlinks we can receive for the brand. Writing interesting content and marketing it to influencers is a win-win. You are helping people with solution-oriented content, and the influencers help your exposure and outreach so it’s widely seen by the right audience and shared with their peers.

3. A Turn to the Human Side Of Marketing

Marketing has a remarkable power to inspire audiences and impact actions. Instead of an influx of new technology & that sorta stuff, the Forbes Council predicted that we’ll embrace a deeper understanding of human behaviour… (I couldn’t agree more) that will foster more meaningful relationships with customers.

4. Integrated Online, Social And Mobile Marketing

2019 will be all about the integration of online, social and mobile marketing. Many businesses have dabbled in one or all of these marketing strategies, but true success in the year ahead will be marked by a fully integrated marketing program that incorporates all three. This will eliminate redundancies, increase efficiency and fully leverage content across these three major platforms.

5. The Growth Of Micro-Influencers

As influencer-tracking technologies continue to improve, brands are becoming better equipped at fielding and managing large networks of high-engagement, low-following micro influencers for their campaigns. This largely untapped market will soon allow for more brands to avoid the significant costs of mid- to high-level influencers and invest in more down-to-earth and relatable influencer marketing

6. Audiences Made Part Of Brand Stories

The ability to engage with audiences (that is, making audiences a part of the brand story) will have a huge impact. The less friction there is to engagement, the more connected people feel. Brands that are more willing to interact with customers publicly will have a strong impact—and brands that can show how this engagement influences their products and services will make an even bigger impact

7. Thought Leadership

Audiences seek expertise, critical insight and ways to be better at all points of interest. Experiential and interactive engagement with a brand is the future of consumer-brand connectivity. From live video, to recorded advice, to content with real-time responses, to contests and beyond, it’s about offering information and encouraging feedback from stakeholders in a way that establishes trust.

8. Customers Empowered As Brand Ambassadors

By utilizing various online tools, we can now chalk up a percentage of a marketing campaign to leveraging our customers as brand ambassadors by asking them to share info on a product to their own networks. This helps bypass “influencer marketing” to an extent and lets us empower our customers to do the talking.