Meme Marketing
Meme Marketing

Meme Marketing is Pure Engagement

By a Brand Coordinator, CREATIVE INC – the leading creative agency with a specialised social media marketing vertical

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously and memes are perfect examples of that. Memes made by any leading creative agency like Creative Inc are the most enjoyed content on the internet by the current generation. In fact, meme makers are paid really well in creative digital marketing agencies as meme content goes viral in no time and is the most trending form of content these days as it instantly connects with the audience. This format of communication is loved by the millennials as it is witty, funny and sarcastic and gets the message across. That’s exactly why the best digital marketing agencies create such fun memes and engage with the audience using the fun content style.

Marketing brands, big or small, are happy to engage with the meme culture. Brands working with a marketing agency know that memes catch on like wildfire. As memes became popular, brands started using them to promote themselves, and that’s how meme marketing came into existence, owing to a meme’s ability to be super relatable and communicate feelings, attitudes and situations super effectively.

One brand that has a strong meme marketing reputation is Netflix. Their social media marketing memes are instantly relatable. At a time when we don’t want to see only branded content on our feed, memes are an opportunity for brands to engage with their audience. And there couldn’t be a better example than Netflix meme marketing

Why are memes popular?

They are not just images. They come as videos too.
They are funny and humourous
They are relatable
They help you capitalize on current trends
They go viral & have instant share-ability