Copy vs. Content: Knowing The Difference!
Copy vs. Content: Knowing The Difference!

Corporates and business houses know the power of content. So, they are looking for promotional content to engage with their audiences from different parts of the globe. Simple content can lead to meaningful conversations. Probably, if you’re new in the digital world, you may actually not know what kind of content will attract audiences. That’s why, most businesses prefer to hire a creative & branding agency that specialises in content marketing to increase their sales and generate leads. Yes! Writing is a big deal because copy is the vital part of digital marketing. Well, only a great copy can lead to an increase in sale. There’s no doubt, copy has twice the impact on landing page conversions v/s. design.

But, did you know that there are two different types of marketing copy?

That’s an amazing question! When it comes to digital marketing, there are two types of copies that most marketing agencies work on - copywriting & content writing.

But, what’s the difference between copy and content?

Digital marketing agencies use content writing for all sorts of marketing purposes. On the other hand, copywriting is used for advertisement purposes. Technically, both are marketing skills.

Still, having doubts?

Let’s understand them in depth.

What is a copy?

Simply, copy is text. In terms of content marketing, copy is written information used by a business to either hook a person’s interest or to convince them to take an action.

What is content?

Content can just be a copy but it can also be illustrations, photos, videos, sounds, animations or more than that!

What is the purpose of copywriting?

The whole sole purpose of copywriting is to drive sales. Here are some common examples: PPC ads, social media ads, landing pages for ads, CTA buttons on website, product or service page copy, sales emails, video scripts, headlines, pop-up messages, website menus & website forms.

The art of copywriting requires strong understanding of your audience, brand strategy and emotions require getting the job done. Mostly, it’s used for all advertising purposes or microcopy exclusively.

What’s microcopy?

A microcopy is a part of user-experience (UX) design. It helps the user to navigate the website and complete actions. It looks simple but requires an experienced copywriter to develop.

What’s content writing?

The purpose of content writing is to educate or entertain your audience. Marketing & branding agencies use content marketing for generating interest so that people keep returning to your site for such content. So, this type of content is usually taken into consideration for lead generation.

Here are some examples of content writing: how-to articles, reviews, lists, case studies, interviews, opinion articles, newsletters, social media captions, e-books, website content, FAQs, etc.

Content writing requires skills like storytelling, branding, emotions & SEO.

In short, content writing is typically longer while copy is short and precise. In copy, there’s an added emphasis on every word because it’s short. Also, each word should lead to ultimate goal of persuasion.

Alright! But which one is the best?

That completely depends on what you want! Well, the best kind of writing is the one that serves your content’s purpose.

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