Marketing agency professionals need a better swag. Learn how to get it?
Marketing Agency professionals need a better swag. Learn how to get it?

When you work with a marketing agency remember that a large part of your role is people interaction – both internal and with clients/brands. In such a scenario, confidence is key.

How To Be More Confident: 7 Tips That are Much Needed for any Marketing Agency roles

  1. TALK SLOWLY:  People who feel they aren't worthy of being listened to tend to talk quickly. They think what they have to say isn't important. So, ensure that you aren't rushing. Be calm and drive home the point.
  2. MAKE TO-DO SHEETS: Make small to-dos or write a task sheet of the day. If you do this regularly, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride and not be afraid to try again or make the next tough decision.
  3. WALK 25% FASTER – ESPECIALLY WHEN ENTERING THE CLIENT PREMISES:Observe carefully, and you will discover that body action results from mind action. Throw your shoulders back, lift your head, move ahead a little faster, and feel your self-confidence grow.
  4. DRESS NICELY: EXTREMELY IMPORTANT This may come across as cliche. But when you dress nicely, you will most likely feel more confident. Not just that, how you present yourself has a lot to say about your seriousness at work. When working for a marketing agency meetings or even client visits pop up out of nowhere.
  5. EMPOWER YOURSELF WITH KNOWLEDGE: Knowledge is one of the best strategies for building self-confidence. You cannot blabber off at client brainstorming sessions if you aren’t well informed. marketing agency roles are all about discussions, knowing the category your brand belongs to, knowing their competitors and industry trends.
  6. BE A FRONT SEATER: Ever notice in meetings how the back seats fill up first? The reason is a need for more confidence. Sitting up front builds confidence. Practice it.
  7. PRACTICE MAKING EYE CONTACT: Make your eyes work for you. Aim them right at the other person's eyes. It not only gives you confidence. It wins your confidence, too. Never look at your system or phone when the other person is talking to you.

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