Why it is time to join the interactive content bandwagon?
Why it is time to join the interactive content bandwagon?

Says Mallika Bhattacharya, Copywriter from an integrated Branding Agency

Content, content everywhere but not a word interesting… Thanks to the deluge of content on the web, this is what most consumers think today.

So, with words flooding in from every page and site, how do you make sure your content gets noticed? And that too, by a generation with an attention span poorer than that of a goldfish!

Mallika Bhattacharya, a Senior Copywriter at Creative Inc, a leading digital marketing agency in India, shows a way out. She explains, “With every brand constantly churning out blogs, posts and articles, the field of social media marketing is losing its steam. The only way companies can stand out is through content that captures the dwindling attention span of consumers. This means, creating interactive and engaging content that’s high on visual appeal and low on verbosity.”

And my thought have been corroborated by many studies and surveys. A recent analysis by CREATIVE INC account planners - a leading social media marketing company showed that high-quality interactive content has a 50% more conversion rate compared to passive content.

Below are the 4 main types of interactive content that have taken the digital world by storm.

Engaging Infographics

Polls and surveys

Interactive Motion Graphics


Creating interactive content delivers instant results while also benefitting in the long run. With customers assured of being engaged, they not exhibit a higher brand recall but also promote it through word-of-mouth. What’s more, compared to static content, interactive content marketing give digital agencies a lot more scope to express the brand. That means they are as fun for the creators as they are for the consumers. This is what we call a truly win-win situation.

Image: Techfunnel