Social Media Marketing: The right marketing approach for Healthcare brands
Social Media Marketing: The right marketing approach for Healthcare brands

By Mallika (Copy Editor, Digital Marketing & Social Media) at CREATIVE INC – India’s leading Branding agency that specializes in Healthcare Marketing

Brands are vying fora dialogue on social media! Type in your browser search bar - “COVID-19 VACCINE. WHAT TO EXPECT”. What do you think will appear on your results page?

A slew of links redirecting you to WHO and CDC website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter handle…

Getting the drift here?

Today, whatever you want to know, be it something interesting, inspiring or informative, can be found on social media. It is here where people chat and connect, discuss and debate.

This means, as a B2C people-focused industry, if healthcare brands need to reach more current and potential customers, there’s no better approach than social media marketing. 

What’s more, besides offering a powerful communication medium, having a digital marketing strategy addresses many more problems for healthcare providers. And nothing can match the RoI delivered! 

● Beating the competition by reaching more people – check

● Connecting with potential patients one-on-one – check

● Responding faster to customer queries - check

While being able to achieve all the above is wonderful, this is not where the job of healthcare brands end. Their requirements go far beyond increasing follower counts
and include -

● Ensuring that they build a differentiator

● Making the public aware of the new technologies and treatments

● Offering hope and assurance to patients

● Following the government guidelines in regards to social interactions.

Achieving all of the above while growing the audience seems like an uphill task, right? 

So the big question is… how do social media marketing agencies come to the rescue?