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To Brand Audit or Not?

A breezy yet must read for all brand managers, written by the strategy team of a buzzing branding agency – CREATIVE INC!

Strong brands attract consumers and drive higher profits home. They enable you to command a premium, ensure customer preference in buying decisions, build customer loyalty which reduces the cost of sales and fend off competition.

A brand audit enables you to identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses together with opportunities for innovation and growth so if your profits are not increasing or sales are not performing a brand health audit health will help give you gain insights into your brand’s impact and performance in the marketplace and, most importantly, why it’s not delivering.


CREATIVE INC – the digital first branding agency or what some industries call a creative agency has a unique approach to brand perception creation, consolidation or change. Mostly qualitative, the agency that works extensively in digital marketing and social media marketing too besides integrated branding, chooses the road less travelled and ensures that you get an aerial view of ‘what your customer thinks, what he knows or knows not, who all he knows and whether he know about you or not!’ 

Trust us when we tell you this… you only think you know your customer till you carry out a brand audit. Your audit will give you such insights that will set the ball rolling into understanding the gap between your product offering and his card swipe.