What are the Differences between Paid Search and Organic Search?
What are the Differences between Paid Search and Organic Search?

Several digital marketing agencies are now relying on optimising their brand’s content so that they top Google’s search engine results page. If you want to rank first in Google’s search engine page listing, then hire a marketing agency which has a dedicated team of digital marketing strategists.

Most digital marketing and social media marketing agencies focus on both organic search and paid search to promote different brands and their pages.

Organic search results

Organic search results are unpaid sections in the search engine results page. It is determined on the basis of content’s relevance to the matched keywords typed by a user. Usually, the organic search results get displayed underneath the ads in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). To optimise your page in order to rank in the search engine results, digital marketing agencies are using SEO techniques. Well, ranking higher while using SEO requires a lot of time and patience. In order to rank higher, it will take minimum six months.

Paid search results

Paid searches are advertisements shown at the top of a search result and have a small outlined ‘Ad’ label on the left-hand side of the URL. Paid search works on a pay-per-click (PPC) model. It is a kind of contextual advertising where brands pay a charge to have their site shown at the top of search engine results page.

For designing effective ads, digital marketing agencies use AdWords. To get positive return on investment with paid search, brands mostly hire digital marketing agencies that are adept in PPC.

Organic search vs. Paid search

Marketing agencies use both the search strategies. But organic search is considered 5.66 times better than paid search.

Let’s know some differences between them:

Organic search results appear in the middle of the page. On the other hand, paid searches appear on the top of the page. Organic search results can help your business page or website to reach the top in the search engine results page over time while paid ads will allow your site to rank higher instantly.

The major difference between them is the cost. Organic search is free but you need to pay for running ads on Google. Once you stop paying, the ads will not run!

As compared to the paid searches, organic searches get less clicks. Yet, organic search results generate more traffic than paid ads.

If you are looking for increasing conversions, then paid search is better than organic search results.

Mostly, marketing agencies prepare a strategy for both paid and organic searches as per your requirements and budget. Therefore, hire a marketing & branding agency that specialises in both organic and paid searches.

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