How to Write Good Scripts for Promotional Videos?
How to Write Good Scripts for Promotional Videos?

Videos are essential to draw attention of potential customers. Do you know why? People retain more of a message when they watch it rather than read it. But, without a good script, your videos will not create the right buzz for your brand. Hmm... Now what? Most companies or small businesses hire social media marketing agencies to create video content.

Okay! But why should you hire a digital marketing and social media marketing agency?

First thing that you should understand is that only 37% of the viewers watch videos till the end. This means that you must grab your audience’s attention the moment they hit the play button. Therefore, hiring a social media marketing agency will ease your business. They know what type of content will hit your audience’s minds. Marketing & branding agencies will mostly start with an interesting statistic, a fun fact or something that will motivate them to keep watching.

Here are a few other pointers that marketing agencies should keep in mind when writing a good script:

1. Some of the important questions that social media marketing agencies always focus on:

- Who is your target audience?
- What does your target audience need?
- What message do you want to send?
- What comes next after watching the video?

2. Outline your script: Marketing agencies create an outline, structure your ideas in a logical way. Write a catchy introduction along with a clear message. Then, write conclusion accordingly. When structuring a script for a promotional video, they pay special attention to opening sequence, tell a story, add visual aids and close with CTA.

3. Address your audience’s issues at the beginning: Marketing agencies want to address your audience’s issues and project your brand as a solution in your video content. They understand that it’s important to convince your audience why you’re the best solution to these problems and demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Conclude with a CTA: CTA or Call-to-Action is another essential component that branding agencies don’t neglect when writing a good video script. Through this, they want to guide your target audience to take necessary action.

That sounds like a task! Oops, does it? Don’t worry! Hire a creative and branding agency to get going!

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