The Art of Making Shareable Content
The Art of Making Shareable Content

A short read by the Head Copy Desk at CREATIVE INC. – an award winning branding and creative digital marketing agency.

Being on top of the mind of your client is essential in today’s competitive age. Being seen and heard is the key to success. With digital marketing and social media controlling our lives, it is imperative for brands to create reasons for their target audience to connect. And, you must be wondering, how on earth do you make that possible! Well, the solution to that is, just create content that is shareable. It is important for you to make your content worthy of sharing. It is like sharing popcorn with your friends. The more you share, the more your friend wants. So, keep sharing!

In case you need assistance in achieving this, hire a social media marketing agency that does content marketing day-in, day-out. These specialised agencies exactly know how to play with content to create the right impact for your brand.

To know how to make that possible, read on.

Use fascinating visuals: Go less on words and more on visuals. Most digital marketing agencies will recommend the use of infographics, images, videos, etc. to achieve more traction. Videos have turned out to be the most shareable form of content these days. So, make as many videos as you can for your brand but keep one thing in mind, they need to be interesting too to be able to engage your audience.

Keep track of what’s trending: Make sure you ride the wave of trending content. Create stuff on hot and trending topics. That’ll help because people usually like to see and share content that is in vogue. Social media marketing agencies are a pro in this. So, there’s no harm in seeking their assistance in creating content that hot and happening. So, keep trending.

Offer rewards: People love getting incentives. So, make sure to offer rewards to your audience for sharing your brand’s content.

Create helpful content: If your content solves the purpose of helping someone, people would actually share it. So, always ensure that your content directly impacts your audience by helping them with what they need.

Keep the content positive: People prefer sharing content that evokes happy emotions and curiosity. It should be fun and relatable.

Make content that reflects you: Give content that is authentic. People like to know the real you, or your brand not the dolled up version. The more your content resonates with them, the more likely they shall hit the ‘share’ icon.

Make content that is interactive: Request your audience to share their experiences, stories, opinions or reviews and then publish them on your social media platforms. People like to share stuff where they have been featured. Don’t forget to seek their permission first before sharing with the world.

Now that you know how to create content that is shareable, go ahead and create as many as you can. Maximise your reach and engage your target audience with more relatable content. When content and customers are kings for brands, the best way to keep both in your favour is by making them meet.

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