Festive Offers that Can Boost Engagement on Social Media!
Festive Offers that Can Boost Engagement on Social Media!

Festive season has already started! Brands have also started gearing up for launching their festive sales in an innovative way to boost engagement and generate leads. You must also be figuring out about the types of campaigns that can be posted during festive season. So, here’s the blog that will definitely help you to get a solution!

There are numerous ways to grab audience’s attention to drive engagement during the festive season and most creative and social media marketing agencies utilise these festive opportunities to the fullest to drive sales.

Here are some of the festive offers that you must definitely try:

  1. Add a twist to the ‘buy one, get one free’ offer: Avoid cliché marketing and advertising tactics during sales. For this, most marketing agencies suggest brands to stick to short time-period offers. They help brands to achieve smaller goals. So, marketing agencies post engaging festive contests on behalf of brands to boost engagement and share coupon codes on certain products.
  2. Give festive discounts: Most marketing agencies and social media marketing agencies suggest brands to do offer-related campaigns on social media. It is appropriate to categorise items that will be widely purchased during festive occasions and then run discount offers. It is recommended to reduce abandoned carts before sending any promotional offers.
  3. Launch loyalty programmes for existing customers: Your sole focus should not only be restricted to selling products. You should definitely focus on your brand communication too. Therefore, reach out to your existing customers and offer them exclusive discounts or coupons. So, most marketing agencies focus on retargeting customers during festive season. Some social media marketing agencies also run giveaway contests for the purpose gaining traction and increasing sales.

What’s next? Just hire a good social media marketing agency and run festive offers that can increase your sales.

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