Agree to Disagree Productively
Agree to Disagree Productively

A newbie at CREATIVE INC writes about why you need a to know how to disagree productively – Harvard Business Review inspired.

Disagreements with people whose opinions or ideas differ from our own are common in the workplace. When handled appropriately, disagreements lead to better results — but they are not usually viewed that way. We all agree that viewpoints differ… yes but we can learn to disagree better at work and beyond. Here are three strategies to use.

1. Focus on what you have to learn

While working at a Creative agency or a marketing agency, ideas are exchanged, loved or shot down. People regularly enter into disagreements with the intent of proving their point and persuading the other side. They want to show them that they are right and the others are wrong and are ready for a fight. Though this is a common approach, it does not produce the results people hope for. The result: both creativity and client suffer! The answer to problem: disagree… sure but have an open mind and willingness the hear the other person’s perspective. Remember, as teammates working at a marketing agency, you are on the same side working for the same objective.

2. Don’t underestimate others’ interest in wanting to learn from you

How people experience conflict — and how it eventually unfolds — is heavily affected by their perceptions of the other party’s thoughts and feelings. You might enter a conversation feeling inquisitive and humble, yet still storm away in anger if you don’t feel that your counterpart is reciprocating. After all, it takes two to tango. The problem is that people tend to misinterpret the intentions of those they disagree with.

3. Be explicit about your intentions

Be direct on your whys and why nots. For example, before making your own argument, you might say: “This is an important topic. I’m curious to hear what people who disagree with me think about this issue.” Then you could close your own argument with: “I recognize that not everyone sees this in the same way, and I would like to better understand where other people are coming from.”

CREATIVE INC the leading global marketing agency believes in the power of brainstorming and regularly fuels such discussions. Obviously, all don’t end up perfect as we desire them to be. This blog is our attempt in putting forth what most of us tend to forget. Same team. Same goal. With over 1750 brands successfully built till date – the marketing agency is a highly sought-after partner for several start ups as well as established Indian and global brand. .