Five Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Creative Agency
Five Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Creative Agency

Now-a-days, a lot of businesses are hiring a creative agency to create or recreate their own brand identity and boost engagement on social media channels to increase their sales. Creative agencies change the way your brand is being perceived by your target audience. Marketing and branding agencies add innovation to your existing brand. Mostly, creative agencies are focused on preparing strategies to create content on user-based experiences. Well, content is the key to run a perfect campaign on social media. Creative agencies consider doing in-depth research on designs and content that will be liked by your audience.

Now you know why you should hire a creative agency! The next important question that immediately pops into your mind is, how to hire one? Well, keep reading to know how!

Enlisted are the top five things that you should keep in mind while hiring a creative agency:

1. Learn more about their services: Asking the right question will help you to take the right decision. It is best to know more about their services. You should definitely ask these questions when hiring a creative agency:

a. What kind of services do they offer?
b. How much time they usually take to deliver a task?
c. What processes do they follow when it comes to work?

2. Find out how long they have been around: Experience counts but figure out how much time the creative agency is willing to dedicate on your project. If you want to hire a creative agency then, check how much experience they have. Always check their previous work before hiring! It will help you to understand if the agency has the right industry and domain knowledge. Always check out if the agency has worked on the similar project before.

3. Learn more about the team members: Creative strategy depends on three C’s- Cooperation, Coordination and Collaboration. Therefore, when you’re hiring a creative agency, you should also ask questions like: do they have social media marketing agency specialists, digital marketing strategists, copywriters & graphic designers? Every team member is a part of creative strategy in a marketing & branding agency. So, you need to put forth such questions before hiring them. At least you should know who’s going to take your brand forward!

4. Consider doing a background check: While you’re thinking of hiring a creative agency, you should understand that it’s not just about engagement. It’s more than that! In reality, it’s investment. So, before you invest your capital and time, do a thorough background check! Check their client’s reviews and feedback. If possible, visit their office to get a clear idea about how they function as a team.

5. Check if they are responsive: Always hire a creative agency that treats your business as their own. Communication is the key to a great strategy! A creative agency that responds to your emails, messages, ideas or briefs is the one for you. A few things you need to consider when checking their response rate:

When you create a marketing budget, you’ll be able to keep track of how much you spend on each strategy, if you’re overspending, and if you can spend more. If you skip creating a marketing budget, you’ll likely find yourself overspending, which can cause your business to fail.

a. How do they respond?
b. How long does it take them to respond?
c. Who responds?

These questions will allow you to understand how they manage their communications both internally and externally. Usually, creative and marketing agencies should seem enthusiastic and passionate about your project. You should be able to feel this when communicating with them.

Lastly, conduct a thorough research; create a long list and then shortlist creative agencies. Before hiring one, make sure to visit them in person and get to know more about how they function.

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