Instagram Analytics: How They Help You Understand Your Customer Better!
Instagram Analytics: How They Help You Understand Your Customer Better!

Read this informative blog by CREATIVE INC. - the best marketing agency in Delhi to learn the basics of Instagram Analytics and how they will help you with your business

If you are running a business today, your social media presence is something you can’t ignore. And Instagram is one of the most, if not the most, active social media platforms to promote your brand. Hence, knowing your audience on Instagram and creating content according to their taste is very important. A globally acclaimed marketing firm CREATIVE INC. shares valuable information on how you can use Instagram analytics for the benefit of your business.

What is Instagram Analytics?

Instagram analytics are a collection of data and performance metrics for your account and its contents. It is easier to get this data for Instagram as the platform itself provides creators and business accounts with “Insights.” If you go to the “Insights” section, you get the numbers and details of how your account, and every content individually, is performing. Instagram analytics are used by every brand marketing agency to increase outreach.

These are some metrics you need to keep tabs on:

● Account reach: The total number of unique accounts you have reached. These are the people who have seen your contents on their screen at least once but haven’t necessarily engaged with or interacted with them

● Account engagement: The number of accounts who have engaged with your contents (likes, comments, shares, saves, etc.

● Content interaction: How each content interacts with the audience in terms of reach and engagement

● Followers growth: The increase or decrease of the number of followers and unfollowers.

● Audience demographic: The region, country, city, age and gender of the people interacting with your account. Once you know the numbers, you can get into the specifics and learn which type of content is most beneficial for your business. An expert marketing agency knows how to use this information to get maximum results.

Benefits of using Instagram analytics:

● Audience analysis: The first step to knowing your audience is analytics. Instagram analytics give you an opportunity to look into details of what your audience is enjoying and what they want to see in future. Their demographics help determine your target customer. You get to know when your followers are most active, which helps you schedule your content accordingly

● Competitor analysis:There are several tools available to gain a competitor Instagram report. Knowing these will help you find your gap areas, their gap areas and will show you what you can do. A good creative agency or social media marketing agency will always use this data to help you stay ahead of your competitors

● New content ideation:Instagram analytics give you detailed information about exactly which of your contents are getting you the most attention. Experts in an advertising agency offering marketing services or digital marketing agency use this information to your advantage. If your goal is to gain new followers, see which contents have the most reach. If it is to gain more engagement, or shares, or replies, notice the contents that are getting you the expected outcome. You’ll also get to analyse your consistency in posting and how the latest trends are working for you

Every brand has its own unique objective. Once you know what you want, monitor your Instagram performance and enhance your business strategy.