The future of marketing: Technologies and tools
The future of marketing: Technologies and tools

Get to know about the latest technologies and tools in marketing through this informative piece by CREATIVE INC. - a renowned branding and marketing agency in Delhi

Marketing is one of the fastest growing and constantly evolving fields even though it has been there forever. Innovations are not taking a break, neither is the change in the industry. So to stay ahead of the curve, one needs to get familiar with the latest technologies, tools and know how to use them for the maximum benefit. The best marketing agency in Delhi - CREATIVE INC. shares some insights on this.

Here are four trends which will rule the market in the near future:

AI First Approach: Artificial intelligence is the latest trend in the industry right now. That is why it is important for an advertising agency offering marketing services to ride this trending wave. The introduction of ChatGPT and OpenAi has taken the industry by storm. AI first approach includes using chatbots to simulate a conversation with the customers. So, if you are a marketing firm or a creative agency, you should definitely take the AI first approach to leverage your business. A digital marketing agency can also use AI for collecting customer data, consumer preferences and consumer behaviour. It offers personalised experience to each customer. Conversational AIs are making personalised customer experience easy. In the near future, more online and offline uses of AI will be seen as technology becomes more advanced.

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR): Both augmented reality and virtual reality are becoming popular rapidly in the market. AR/VR curates a huge impact in terms of customised consumer experience. While AR overlays a digital environment over reality, VR creates experience to transport the customer into a virtual place. These two tools help the product and service to get closer to customers without physically being close to them. A brand marketing agency suggests businesses to use these tools because they are interesting, innovative and give customers a real world like experience.

Voice Tools: With the rising popularity of Alexa, Siri and Google voice assistants, people are getting more used to voice tools over anything else. These tools are easy to use, save a lot of time and help achieve the objective. Natural conversational language is an important factor when it comes to voice search. People engage and emotionally connect with a virtual friend in a voice tool faster. .

Short Form Videos: In the age of attention deficiency, shorter videos or reels are the quickest way to reach customers. With just a swipe of a finger, they can see the most valuable content of your brand within 20-30 seconds. Multiple tools and apps are coming up to help create such attention grabbing videos. A content marketing agency or a social media marketing agency agency are the best fit when it comes to making short videos.

In short, technology is exciting, but the ones who will benefit the most from them are the ones who will use them in the proven method of business: consumer centric marketing for quality products. The future is bright, so experiment with new technologies and achieve your business goals.