Let’s Take Some Copywriting Lessons from the Famous Tom & Jerry Show
Let’s Take Some Copywriting Lessons from the Famous Tom & Jerry Show

You must be wondering how the two characters who don’t even talk and just engage in non-verbal communication can teach you how to write simply yet efficiently? Definitely! But things get easier here when you see it from a different lens. Want to know how? Read on.

Your copy should be simple for your audience to follow

Do you always feel that you need to write some more to convey your thoughts? Ah han… that’s the schooling technique but it does not work in real-time market. Just watch episodes of Tom & Jerry and see if they ever utter a word. No! Right? This is where you can clearly understand the value of saying more in less words or sometimes, you just need gestures to communicate. Often, being minimalistic makes your copy more appealing. As copywriters, you need to keep this in mind. Your copy should captivate your reader’s mind and serve the purpose. That’s it!

Add some value please!

Every episode of the Tom & Jerry show allows us to laugh or smile. Such an entertainment package it is! They deliver entertainment in exchange of our money. We still tend to watch these episodes repeatedly. Because, it serves our interests. When writing, you need to keep your audiences in mind. This is the best lesson that we can learn from this fascinating show.

Well, even the characters depicted in the show are also caricatured in a way that audiences can easily relate with.

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