What is the Difference between Remarketing & Retargeting?
What is the Difference between Remarketing & Retargeting?

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Remarketing and retargeting have become two most used words in today’s digital age. Do you think they are same? If yes, you’re not alone! People do get confused as these words are used interchangeably. Well, there are several technical differences between these two terms. Let’s understand the differences between them.

The primary difference between retargeting & remarketing is from the viewpoint of strategy & who you are able to reach.

Both retargeting and remarketing are used by creative agencies and marketing agencies to reach out to those customers who have already visited the site or have interacted online with you. These are the people who would likely buy your products than your first time visitors.

But how are they different?

Retargeting can have multiple approaches. It refers to online ad placement or display ads to those users who have already engaged with your platform. Once they visit your page, click on a product or take a certain action, a cookie is set in your customer’s browser.

Now, you can use this information to retarget them on the basis of their interactions. These ads can be placed by third-party organisations like Facebook or Google Display Network. They will trigger on other sites that your customers usually visit. Retargeting can be done in two ways - targeting onsite & offsite interactions.

Onsite retargeting: Deal with the customers who have already interacted with you!

Most creative agencies or social media marketing agencies use onsite retargeting to increase your conversion rates. These retargeting ads can also help in retaining your previous customers. Quite a deal, indeed!

Here are some of the ways that marketing agencies follow to target individuals who have been on your site previously:

1. Abandoned cart is the best way to retarget them
2. Those customers who are on your email list
3. Target based on how people got information about your business
Retargeting campaigns are the drivers, responsible solely for higher engagement and conversions.

Offsite retargeting: Your customers are following you everywhere!

Social media marketing agencies or creative agencies use social media to make engagement targeting easier for you. To put simply, your customers are following you everywhere and they interact with you on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter handles. So, branding & marketing agencies are users who interacted with your page.

Now that you have a clear idea about retargeting. Let’s focus on remarketing now.

Branding agencies & marketing agencies use email marketing to re-engage customers. That’s what remarketing is about! For instance, emailing a customer to renew subscription or a service is a type of traditional remarketing. Paid ads are also a part of remarketing when it’s targeted towards current customers.

Now, here’s the key takeaway - Retargeting usually focuses on paid ads & can have varied forms. It is helpful for reaching out to the customers who have interacted with you previously. On the other hand, remarketing is focused on email campaigns and reaching out to those who have already had interactions with, allowing your users to take more specific actions like subscription or renew your service or upsell a product.

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