Importance of a Brand Manual
Importance of a Brand Manual

What does your brand manual say about the brand?

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What is a Brand Manual? A brand manual is a set of guidelines on presenting a brand and distinguishing the brand in consumer’s mind. Brand manual includes visual elements such as logo identity, its usage guidelines, brand colour palette, fonts, etc. and is a consolidated face of any brand, says a design expert from the marketing agency.

It sets the company’s design standards and makes the internal and external communication consistent and cohesive. Having this document to reference for expected standards makes the lives of designers, writers, and developers much easier and give them a solid framework to use as a starting point for their work.

A strong brand identity gives the company, a competitive advantage and also raises brand image and awareness. Each brand has its own different approach when it comes to selecting the content of brand manual and its presentation, depending on the type of business.

The CREATIVE INC Approach!

Creative Inc. is a branding and marketing agency, builds brands with consistent design, crisp message and strong brand strategy. We believe that right brand perception can fundamentally change the business around.

Define logo guidelines to create a recognizable & consistent brand signature

An optimized, distinct logo and icons is an absolute must in a brand manual. The logo must be designed to take any shape or size and should have the scope of endless alterations. The logo represents the brand’s identity and serves like a window to your company.

Establish brand resonance with a defined colour palette

The colour palette should include the RGB and CMYK colour codes so it could be easily used in digital platforms and print publications as well. A colour palette provides a consistent look and feel of the brand and helps prospective client visualize and associate their own products with your brand.

Be consistent in typography usage

The family of fonts and typefaces should clearly define the writing style and the tone of brand. It includes the headline, sub-headlines and paragraphs and a guide on where the font can be accessed from.

Specify the imagery and iconography that makes up the visual style

Photographs, designs, icons etc. play a key role in building the brand identity. A consistent photographic style and illustrations should be established from the start. Images not only express the brand mood but also convey the style, colour and subject matter.

Define a brand voice

Selection of words are crucial in the manual, as they are the carrier of the brand’s valuable message. Words and phrases reflects the personality of the brand, and must remain consistent across all communication channels (email, social media, blogs, press releases, etc.)

Raise the bar of your brand with a great brand story

An inspiring background story will surely connect the brand with its clients. Mentioning the initiation of the brand, its ups and downs, and achievements can create a good impression on clients. The brand story also identifies its missions and visions with the company and assures client that they are future ready.

Every brand lives on the everyday interactions it has with its audiences. Branding is all about the right message at the right time. With Creative Inc., India’s leading marketing agency you will work with specialists who know how to build a brand from ground zero and make it stand out in a crowd.