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A lot of organizations in the B2B space rely on conferences to engage with their clients better and build brands as knowledge partners. Some of these sectors include Technology conferences, Healthcare conferences, Consulting Conferences, Telecom Conferences and Conferences for the Banking industry.

Only an experienced event design and management agency like CREATIVE INC can truly help you drive full value out of your event and gain bigger bang for your buck. We understand the value of a well ideated conference that has the power to retain and engage audiences. That’s why we instill highest level of creativity, expert-led planning and perfect execution in every conference management we undertake.

We make sure that core purpose of your conference is served successfully whether it is information sharing, communicating with your target audience, conducting a workshop or just employee training.

As a complete Conference Management Agency there we explore and align technology, concepts, fresh ideas n innovations and a flawless execution that deliver a successful conference. You can choose CREATIVE INC as your conference partners in India, Oman or anywhere in the Middle East and be rest assured of services like:

  • Venue Selection & Management
  • Theme Ideation & Design
  • Complete Conference Set up
  • Conference Marketing & Branding
  • Conference Communication
  • Creative Design
  • Corporate Film

Our extensive networks in the event industry, as a leading business events management agency, help us put together the best for your event. Trust our teams to save you time, money and energy and we'll host you an impactful conference!

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  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Telecom
  • Automation
  • Banking, Insurance & Finance

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