What’s Hot & Definitely Getting Hotter on Instagram in Social Media Marketing?

(a brief easy breezy read from Charu Nathan, Head of a Digital-first Creative agency – CREATIVE INC)

For a year full of changes, the launch of Instagram Reels was probably the biggest shake-up for social media agencies. Suddenly, all social media marketing startegies had a new thing to rave about  Instagram Reels!

The quick-to-create video format closely mirrors TikTok, but it still
has a lot to explore and bring forth. Obviously you must be thinking, c’mon… been there, done that! Well, read on to know what’s next.

So what does the future hold for Instagram Reels? Read an interesting article and summing up the points for your reading
pleasure only…

Instagram Reels: What Can We Expect in 2021? Digital Marketing Strategists Take Note Please…

  1. More sophisticated algorithm
  2. Monetization options for creators
  3. New Instagram Ad formats for Reels
  4. Shoppable Instagram Reels features
  5. Improved video editing tools on Reels
  6. New Reels trends and challenges
  7. Video length extended to 60 seconds