Speed or Perfection? What matters most in marketing?
Speed or Perfection? What matters most in marketing?

The Head of Strategy CREATIVE INC – the leading global marketing agency speaks of both speed & perfection that needs to work in sync to achieve the desired goals


The choice between speed and perfection in marketing depends on the specific circumstances, goals, and constraints of a go-to-market strategy. Both speed and perfection have their advantages and drawbacks, and the right approach can vary from one situation to another. Here are some considerations for each:

Speed has its advantages for sure!

• Quick market entry: Speed is often crucial when launching a new product or service, especially in fast-paced industries or when facing limited-time opportunities, says an account planner at the marketing agency

•Adaptability:ve: Rapid response to market changes and customer feedback allows for adjustments and optimisation in real-time

•Cost-effective: Faster execution can sometimes lead to cost savings and a competitive edgee

Perfection is needed, yes, but what value does it add?

• Brand reputation: Ensuring high-quality marketing collaterals and communication can help maintain or enhance your brand's reputation and credibility. “Doing things in a jiffy that prove to be run of the mill or fail to be noticed are as good as not doing it,” says Charu Nathan with her rich experience of 27+ years with the creative agency

• Customer trust: Perfection in product information and messaging can build trust with customers, potentially leading to long-term customer relationships

• Minimising errors: Reducing errors and inconsistencies in marketing materials can prevent costly mistakes and legal issues, a point well taken from the Copy Head at the marketing agency that does a fine balance between speed and perfection

In practice, the balance between speed and perfection often depends on the type of marketing objectives to be met and the industry too. It's worth noting that you can aim for a balance between speed and perfection by setting clear priorities, optimising processes, and using agile marketing techniques that allow you to make quick adjustments while maintaining high standards. Ultimately, the right approach depends on your specific goals, target audience, industry, and available resources.

If you’ve decided to hire a marketing agency, you’ll quickly learn that not all marketing agencies perform the same functions. Some marketing agencies are full service and provide a range of services and marketing resources, while others specialize, focusing on only one aspect or channel, says Strategy Head, CREATIVE INC – Marketing agency Delhi office.