Written by the Creative Director of India leading Integrated Brand Management & Digital Marketing Agency. Ms Nathan has over 22 years of experience in advertising & branding. Today she heads the India & the Middle East offices for CREATIVE INC and working on top digital & brand strategies.

We’ve all been there, and we all know how annoying this can be. For many of us checking our inbox and pressing that send/receive in anticipation is actually counterproductive. Here are 5 common mistakes we all might be making…

1. Overflowing the inbox with unnecessary information

The desire to stay on top of everything is great. However, this will often lead us to subscribe to many unnecessary threads, newsletters and email notifications that crowd our inbox. I am sure that quite a few of us spend more time triaging our inboxes in search of the messages that truly matter than actually getting things done.

2. Using email when not even needed

So many things could happen in our inbox, from emailing a colleague for a quick question to managing a complex project with meetings and document sharing. The question is though, should they happen there? Sometimes, there’s just a better way to do things.

3. Send/receive every 5 minutes!!! Yup… I used to!

Spending a lot of time in our inbox is necessary if the job is specifically to answer emails. However, if it isn’t, dealing with messages should take as little time as possible. Maybe checking the email every five minutes, writing the same replies over and over again and organizing the inbox manually just isn’t the best way to do that.

4. Writing lengthy emails… that irks for sure!!!

Brevity and clarity are as essential to a good email as correct grammar and spelling. If we let an email become long-winded, we risk making it difficult for the recipient to find out exactly what we are asking of them.

5. Never deleting or archiving emails… guilty as charged!

Having a messy or cluttered inbox like mine used to be has consequences on productivity and efficiency. Trust me, you’ll forget to do important things, and probably miss a couple of emails as important information gets lost amongst the dozens of messages you receive daily.