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Difference between brand strategy and marketing strategy

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Brand strategy and marketing strategy are two of the most common terms used in today’s world by every brand, marketing agency or professionals. Though they are very closely related but serve different purpose and focus on distinct aspects of a brand or a business’s overall strategy. This interesting blog by a branding executive of a globally acclaimed branding agency aims to share valuable information on how brand strategy and marketing strategy are different.

Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between the two.


The primary difference between the two lies in their purpose or an action that it intends to achieve. A brand strategy is primarily concerned with defining and shaping the identity and perception of a brand among its target audience. In this, a creative agency with specialisation in branding focuses on establishing the values, purpose and personality of a brand. It is about the art of creating a long-term, emotional connect with the target audience and building brand equity. A marketing strategy on the contrary, is a broad plan that outlines how a brand will promote its products or services to achieve specific objectives. It includes details of all activities that will enable the brand engage its customers, drive sales and generate leads.

Scope: Brand strategy
is a part of the overall marketing strategy as it covers how the brand is positioned in the market and how it is different from others. Marketing strategy covers a wide range of activities like product development, pricing, promotion, distribution, etc. it includes both brand-related efforts and short-term campaigns. To set things right from the beginning, it is important to hire a marketing agency with specialisation in both.

Time frame:
Time factor plays a very important role in both cases. A brand strategy is a long-term activity which focuses on building and maintaining a strong brand. It may not change every year. A marketing strategy however, involves both long and short-term activities. Short-term strategies may change as per market conditions while long-term strategies provide direction to the brand for years to come.

Focus area: Brand strategy
focuses on creating and maintaining a brand image that resonates with the target audience. It involves developing brand assets like logos, taglines, messaging, etc. The focus of a marketing agency lies on using specific marketing channels like social media campaigns, content marketing to reach and engage customers to achieve sales. Always seek help of a social media marketing agency to create effective social media campaigns with the right messaging to garner the right eyeball hits for the brand.

Another important differentiator is goal setting. The primary goal of a brand, Another important differentiator is goal setting. The primary goal of a brand strategy is to build brand recognition, loyalty and trust. It aims to establish a strong emotional connect with the target audience, which can lead to long-term customer relationships and premium pricing. The goals of a marketing strategy are more short-term and sales-focussed. It may aim to increase market share, launch a new product, or achieve specific revenue targets within a defined time frame.

To sum up, both are essential for the success of a business, and they should work in harmony to create a strong and enduring presence in the market.