Advertising Agency vs. Marketing Agency
Advertising Agency vs. Marketing Agency

Read this informative article by the best marketing agency in Delhi CREATIVE INC., to know what the difference between an advertising agency is

The terms marketing and advertising are interchangeable in today's context where most people don't know the difference between these two. Although they sound similar, they have major differences when it comes to the service, purpose, methods and skills. Small and midsize businesses that are looking for ways to get more leads in the market often get confused between what to choose - an marketing agency in Delhi or a marketing agency

Don’t worry! A marketing specialist from CREATIVE INC. – the best branding and marketing agency in Delhi , will help you understand the differences between a marketing agency and an advertising agency


Marketing is a process which consists of strategies and processes to promote and sell products while advertising is creating awareness about your products. Advertising is creating awareness, but marketing is starting a conversation.


The job of a marketing specialist includes using various tools to create and utilise long-term strategies that bring in the most customers. marketing agency have professionals to read and analyse market data and strategise around them. The goal here is to find the right customer and reach them. An advertising agency finds and uses creative solutions to attract customer’s attention. Their goal is not increasing sales directly, but to create buzz for it.


Marketing agencies have a holistic approach; it also requires thorough market research whereas advertising agencies work in a creative manner. So, if you have a brand without a marketing team, you should definitely hire a marketing agency. But if you already have a marketing team and a message ready for your brand, an advertising agency might provide you the best service.

Service Provided

Marketing agencies do traditional and/or digital forms of marketing for their clients. Helping with branding, long and short-term content, email marketing, social media marketing, product demonstration, website content, etc. are a few of the things they do. An advertising agency finds ways and mediums to deliver the message created by the marketing team. They often focus on media channels and use the ones most beneficial for the company. TV, radio, digital platforms, physical forms, PR are few of the mediums advertising agencies use for their clients.


Marketing is a long-term plan; it focuses on the brand's positioning and sales revenue. Advertising on the contrary has short-term goals of having a successful campaign, even though the end goal is helping the brands marketing only. In a way, it falls under the large umbrella of marketing. So, the advertising agency’s success reflects on how impactful the campaign is on people.