Social media marketing & content writing
Social media marketing & content writing

Breezy read by a content intern at CREATIVE INC – a leading creative agency with a specialized department on branding via social media marketing.

The competition for your audience’s time and attention can be fierce. Brands are perpetually vying for attention all the time and every social media marketing agency project lead knows this pain well. The secret to being successful is to not compete, but rather to set yourself apart from the crowd by creating and sharing content and social posts your audience will want to consume.

You can bond with your audience over your content by ensuring that everything you write is created with their wants and needs in mind. Do your research and get to know who they are, and what they need and/or want most. Speak to them using their language, consistently conveyed in your brand’s voice.

Keep your content and social posts positive (not to be confused with happy), and ensure they’re easy for your audience to consume. And look to add images, videos and CTAs to increase your content’s effectiveness - and drive measurable results.

Some points:

  • Research the competitor
  • Keep it simple
  • Be concise
  • Videos, videos, videos
  • Yes, captions matter
  • Use hashtags
  • Don’t forget to tag relevant audiences
  • Boost your content

Thank you for reading my article. I am super excited to be at Creative Inc. There are 5 core verticals comprising Branding Agency | Marketing Agency | Digital Marketing Agency | Creative Agency Services | Events and more.