Micromanagement or Not?
Micromanagement or Not?

Super informative article by a Client Servicing team member at CREATIVE INC – leading global marketing & creative agency that is digital-first!

If you are reading this article, there is a good chance that you are either a manager or being managed. Either way… this piece will make you agree or disagree. Okay… let me start. Micromanagement - the pretty sounding ‘corporate’ term for meddling is something we often hear our managers use. The monologue goes something like this, “I should not feel the need to micromanage this” or “why am I micromanaging, can’t you finish the task by yourself?” These quotable quotes are more common at an advertising agency, a creative agency or a new age social media marketing agency.

Take a guess why? I’d say… too much to do in too little time + quality demand + zippiest turnaround + innovation expected + my mommy starts calling at 7 pm.

“But, hang on, can we take a micro-scopic view on the manager’s WoW (way of working) first? If you’re the kind of manager who lasers in on details, wants to be copied on all emails, and is rarely satisfied with your team’s work, then—there’s no kind way to say this—you’re a micromanager,” says the servicing exec at the creative agency responsible for building brands globally.

My two cents to all micromanagers out there…

Reflect on why you feel the need to micromanage

Let them attempt first at least

Listen to your team’s reasoning too

Prioritise to reorganise

Give a free hand once in a while

Ask for TATs (turn around time DUH!)

Do quality scoring (why not? Gamify it)

Identify the slip ups and then address them (time issue or quality issue or both?)

If all fails… I’d say continue the controlling!

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