Social Media Platforms: The New-age Shopping Malls!
Social Media Platforms: The New-age Shopping Malls!

A quick read by the budding copywriter of a leading Digital Marketing and Branding agency – Ananya Basur

New Delhi, India, October 2020: Imagine finding a nice outfit, or any trendy accessory on social media and getting to buy it then and there without leaving your social media platform. Well, no need to imagine now as this thing has very much become a reality.

Social commerce has brought in the functionality of e-commerce to social media platforms but with lesser and more streamlined steps like auto fill payments and chatbot checkouts. The user-friendly process of purchasing via shoppable posts has shortened a buyer’s journey, making it a preferred way of shopping among people. Though this feature has been around for quite some time, the recent COVID-19 outbreak has made it even more popular. That’s precisely why there has been a sudden increase in the number of most retail brands doing their product promotions through social media.

Organisations can be now seen leveraging on this new feature by collaborating with social media marketing agencies and creative agencies to pull customers to their social media pages by working with various social media influencers or brand ambassadors, offering deals, changing their sales strategies or looking for other creative ways.

To be able to reach out to even more users, firms are also using the option of shoppable stories with call to action buttons. With more and more people jumping into social media and ultimately entering the world of social commerce, shopping on social media is gradually becoming more and more mainstream.

So, no need of grabbing your shopping bags or going to the mall anymore, just grab your phones and start your shopping!