Looking for a creative agency
Looking for a creative agency

Looking for a creative agency? Let’s talk about what you need to assess.

An interesting read by the creative department at CREATIVE INC

Creative agency?
Marketing agency?
Branding agency?

Before you hire an agency it’s important to decide what exactly you’re hiring them for. Are you looking for creative support, brand building or lead generation or both? There are several agencies in India with a varied competency set. Choose an agency that is strong in building brands and is a digital first agency too. This is particularly needed because a majority of the marketing spends are digital centric today. Every marketing agency has a set of core capabilities where they excel. With this in mind, make sure you set out your primary marketing needs and team up with an agency that can showcase strength in this area.

Will you Google or go with WoM?

Before you open up the Pandora’s box that is Google search, ask around your network of contacts and see if anyone has any recommendations. Most mid-sized agencies grow by referrals, so by relying solely on Google search for your research you may miss out on some great up-and-coming agencies. If you do choose to Google search, remember to check the website of the agency for work as not just a branding agency but also as a social media marketing agency.

Is the agency multi-functional?

Essentially, the ‘right fit’ agency should be able to work with you as much as for you. Here it is critical that your hunt for the best creative agency enables you to partner with someone who has a top-down understanding of brand creation, is aggressive as a digital marketing agency and is also a social media marketing agency or has a dedicated department.