Traits of a Good Social Media Copywriter

Traits of a Good Copywriter in a Social Media Marketing Agency

Have you ever seen a post on social media that immediately grabbed your attention and made you think for a minute? You surely have. What grabbed your attention first, the visual or the headline?

Though that’s a very subjective question, if the headline caught you first then, it’s the credit of the social media copywriter. These are the people in digital marketing and creative agencies that are responsible for these straight out of the oven (not literally, a copywriters brain is no less than a bakery!) one liners or quirky copy. In short, this is something that a copywriter does, binding together engaging, concise, and effective words which speak to you.

An influential pillar of every digital marketing or social media marketing agency, copywriters are creative enthusiasts who are mostly aligned to coming with ‘Eureka’ campaigns when left alone with thoughts. They are mostly the overnight express delivery guys when it comes to campaigns and concepts. That is why, the most difficult tasks come by their way… conveying what a company believes in and stands for in the least words. Becoming a social media marketing copywriter is not easy… there are nuances you need to know about, trends you need to follow and topics you need to leverage.

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