The ‘how’ of successful campaigns in Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing
The ‘how’ of successful campaigns in Social Media Marketing or Digital Marketing

An interesting process that helps our social media marketing team to run amazing campaigns for our clients – a good read by a Digital Intern at CREATIVE INC – a leading digital-first creative agency

The key to effective brainstorming is thinking from a customer mindset and to understand their objectives. With the right creativity and messaging, one can not only run a campaign that reaps results but also meet the objective and subjective goals of the brand.

Here are some steps to guide you into making the perfect campaign:

  • Research: Explore market trends by analysing competitors as they share the same goals and visions. Rummage through digital marketing blogs to study the market and find upcoming trends. Discover topics of interest by analysing and dig into the top-performing social media marketing posts to understand the patterns of customer behaviour.
  • Creativity and content: This phase requires strategic planning and is highly driven by creativity. The brand can change the focus of the social media marketing campaign according to its desired goals, for e.g. using the right visuals that are eye-catching
  • can increase brand awareness and attract new customers as well or giving away exclusive/limited offers can fast-track the buyer’s journey.
  • Influencers: If you feel you are lacking creative options, let the upcoming influencers create unique content for the brand. Many influencers have successfully been able to build their follower strength through engaging posts and reels. One can also approach an industry expert who is also social media marketing savvy to give demos, tutorials or opinions on the brand’s products/services. This method has proven to be a great way of integrated marketing and often opted by ad agencies’, creative agencies’ digital departments as well.
  • Post upload practices: The beauty of the social media platforms is that it provides an opportunity of having a two-way dialogue with the customers. Don’t be afraid to reply to the comments from the customers and help them by resolving their queries or thank them for their valuable compliments. The brand can also provide a link to their website in the comments and drive traffic.

Creative Inc., India’s leading creative agency with verticals in digital marketing and branding, carries out complete research and brainstorming sessions to come up with campaigns that not only connects with the customers but also drives traffic to the brand, increases awareness and eventually, upsurge sales. Creative Inc. has a strong foothold when it comes to running an effective social media campaign and turn the story around.