Tapping into Social Media Sentiment with Social Listening
Tapping into Social Media Sentiment with Social Listening

If you have not yet worked on your social listening strategy, then you’re probably missing out on some of the most valuable data available to help build your business. Did you know that nearly two-thirds of marketers like you believe that social listening has increased in value in the last year?

Alright! But what is social listening?

To simply put, social listening means tracking your brand’s mentions and related conversations on social media marketing platforms. Social listening is about sentiment analysis. You can learn from these social conversations to drive real-time outputs.

Now-a-days, marketing and branding agencies focus a lot on understanding sentiments. Because, they believe that social listening is more than just counting the number of times your brand gets mentioned. Well, it’s true! Social media marketing agencies invest a lot in social listening and understanding how people perceive your brand and products.

Now, you must be thinking how can social listening help you?

There are numerous benefits that social listening offers you:

  1. Understand & engage with your audience: Social listening helps you to understand and map your customer’s needs. You will get a clear idea of what your audience wants from your brand.
  2. Understand your competitors well: Social listening is not just about understanding your audience’s sentiments but it’s also about keeping an eye on conversations related to your respective competitors. This will also help you to discover new opportunities and threats as they allow you to plan and respond in real-time.
  3. Helps to manage your funnel: The act of social listening uncovers questions and conversations about your industry on social platforms. It gives you ample opportunities to initiate conversations with customers and understand what they need from your brand. Eventually these conversations will lead to social selling.
  4. Identify your collaborators now: Monitoring social conversations about your industry will give you a sense of who the important creators and thought leaders are doing in your area. Social listening will help you identify relevant online communities. So, connect with people and improve your targets!

So, what are you wondering about? Take your call and start focusing on social listening now!

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