By Yashaswini Trivedi - Brand/Content Coordinator, CREATIVE INC – a leading creative agency with a specialised department in digital marketing that is making waves for several industries

New Delhi, India, November 2020: 2020 has made itself unforgettable with the events that have unfolded this year. It has prepared us to be ready for the unexpected and embrace things as they are. With the advent of COVID-19, economic fluctuations and everything in between, social media marketing has been evolving and how. In these uncertain times, branding agencies have started focusing on social media engagement more than ever. Networking platforms are flooded with new trends every day. While there are trends that come and go, some of them are here to stay. With insights from experts, influencers and professionals, here is a list of social media trends that would continue to reign in 2021 and possibly beyond.


Memes - the new way of communication

Memes have totally changed the digital landscape. Be it Instagram, Facebook or any other social media marketing platform, they have become the new way of communicating online. 

Studies show that over 55% of users aged 13 to 35 use memes as a form of communication and branding agencies second that. It is an effective tool for creating engagement. However, in 2021 brands need to be a little cautious and should judiciously use memes as they are capable of being misinterpreted.


Coronavirus-related Content

Corona outbreak has tuned the world upside down and has definitely changed the brand marketing game for all brands. In 2021, it would be crucial for brands to adapt their brand messaging to suit this crisis. The content should thus be created by keeping the 4 Cs of coronavirus content in mind, that is, Community, Contactless, Cleanliness and Compassion, in order to be more relatable and engaging.


Conversational Marketing

A good product that is not marketed well is of no value. Gone are the days when brands would simply shout out their messages to the audiences and expect the best results. Today, marketing is all about conversations with the consumers. In order to create sales, engagement and connecting audiences to brand stories should be a priority. Therefore, brands should focus on developing these relationships in 2021 or else they would become obsolete.


Target Socially Conscious Audiences

Social media marketing especially what professional creative digital agencies are handling has witnessed a major revamp in the year 2020. The global pandemic has made life difficult but has also made people realise the importance of their voices. Analysing and observing trends has given a clear picture that the socially conscious generation using networking platforms have a major impact on brands, politics, and society as a whole. To curate content and reach out to them, social media marketing agencies suggest companies to engage in topics that hold social relevance. This would result in brands in having a better reach in the coming year.


Remixing is the ‘in-thing’

The creation of User generated content (UGC) has seen a drastic change over the years. In 2021, remixing is expected to be on a rise through apps like Vigo Video and Like, that are popular among the younger generations. Using existing formats, templates and ideas to create something new is a trend that shall continue in the years to come.


Video Marketing for Digital Marketing Approach

Video marketing is the top practice that gives brands a chance to connect with their customers and start a conversation. It makes the brand visible, increases its awareness and makes consumers understand the brand’s ideas and messages better. Undoubtedly, it is expected to become the most effective digital marketing trend in 2021.

Expect 2021 to bring way more trends along its way and a transform the journey for brands with newer opportunities for them to engage with audiences better.