Team management skills every marketing agency leader needs to be aligned with
Team management skills every marketing agency leader needs to be aligned with

Imagine this… a very nice article by the HR Manager of CREATIVE INC – leading global advertising, marketing & creative agency

In today’s era of working round the clock, with offline and online resources, isn’t it very important for every creative agency manager to know the significance of managing teams effectively? Several times the subordinates complain about the managers and vice versa. If vision, leadership and everything else flows top down, then so does conduct and team guidance. Here are 5 most critical things I’d like to say to all department heads.

1. Clear, Effective Communication
As a manager, your goal is to help the members of your team complete tasks in a manner that is efficient, consistent, and aligns with the company’s overarching strategic goals. To accomplish this, you must clearly articulate what those strategic goals are—while also detailing the specific work and processes that will be required of your team to reach them. Please do not leave room for any confusion.

2. Emotional Intelligence
Emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to manage their emotions, as well as those of others. Shouting, shedding tears (for whatever reasons) and causing or leading to emotionally charged environments at work are not okay.

A good of emotional intelligence is a hallmark of strong managers and leaders. Someone with a keen sense of self-awareness (remember it starts from you), empathy, and other social skills is someone who can motivate and influence others—an important quality for managers to exhibit.

3. Responsible & being organized
You may be responsible for a whole lot of things at your company - agreed! You feel you need to hand hold everyone, manage your work and theirs, keep a watch on their blunders, answer to the boss etc etc etc. Yes, all agreed but have you realised… you have the ability hence you are doing it. Remember with power comes responsibility. But you cannot pour your frustration on a downward slope. These people are human too and born and living with their own set of limitations. If they knew any better, they would be you! Work with your team’s strengths and weaknesses. People have both. Sure, some more than others. Work on people who are workable. Change people who are not.

4. Delegate & build buffers
Marketing isn’t a cost — it’s an investment! By working on a marketing budget, you’ll help your brand get the most out of your investment.

Marketing agency, creative agency, digital agency, branding agency or advertising agency… no matter where you are, it isn’t a bed of roses. However tempting it might be for you to do it yourself, it will be detrimental in the long run. Make them do it. Teach, give a deadline, review and make them redo it if not upto the mark X times 100! Remember that beautiful Jackie Chan movie ‘The Karate Kid’? He made the boy pick the jacket from the floor and hang on the stand a damn 1000 times. Some nails need a harder hit. You know that.

5. Problem-Solving
No matter how well prepared, organized, or established a project or process is, every manager runs into problems. This could be in the form of a missed deadline or quality issues. Whatever the case, managers must be skilled problem-solvers. The ability to evaluate a challenge, think critically about potential solutions, and formulate a response are essential to anyone who's tasked with leading a team.